Local Storm Recalls Ten Songs With Lightning In Their Titles

When the storm hit the other night, I was fortunate enough to have my mp3 player handy. The sound through my ear phones became drowned out several times, most notably when a huge tree down the street got hit by lightning.

After settling my nerves, I thought of how ironic it would be if a song about lightning appeared on my mp3 player. Even though no such tune came on, I did think of ten possibilities.

Excluding three songs called “Lightning Strikes” by Lou Christie, Aerosmith and the Clash, here are the ten titles that all contain the word lightning.

Traveling in the Lightning by Warren Zevon

Among a bunch of folk tracks that feature the young artist on just acoustic guitar, the rock characteristics of this tune certainly make it stand out on the Wanted Dead Or Alive album.

Thunder and Lightning by Chi Coltrane

Her powerful vocal helped this hit storm into the Top Twenty back in 1974.

Lightning Bar Blues by Arlo Guthrie

Many who bought the Hobo’s Lullaby album because of “The City of New Orleans” had to be pleasantly surprised to hear Woody’s boy on this cover of the Hoyt Axton classic.

Greased Lightning by John Travolta

“You’re the One That I Want” and “Summer Nights” were much bigger hits, but this track might be the highlight of the soundtrack to the Grease musical that ruled the late Seventies.

White Lightning by George Jones

The aptly nicknamed Old Possum admitted to knowing a lot about the subject of this song, which is more fast-paced than some of his earlier hits like “The Grand Tour” and “The Closing of the Door.”

Flash Lightning by Tom Verlaine

After his excellent band Television split this front man did several solo works, and this single is fairly representative of that output.

Ride the Lightning by Metallica

This example provides one of the few times in which lightning and metal actually make a good match.

Lightning’s Girl by Nancy Sinatra

Frank’s girl covered this hit between the two popular records she made with folk singer Lee Hazelwood.

Lightning Storm by Flogging Molly

Heavy accents over old Anglo instruments and electric guitars characterize the band’s sound, which is well represented by this tune.

Lightning in the Sky by Santana

Black magic and evil ways were already popular subjects for the band, so a storm fits snugly right into their vast discography.

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